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Biomass Fuel

We are Premium suppliers of Biomass Fuel Pellets and compliant with the EU Standards, EN 14961 (classification and specification) and EN 15234 (quality assurance for solid biofuels)

Payment terms are a Letter of Credit (LC) upon execution of contract (this will be clarified in the Purchase Order / Contract of Sale).

All quotations the product shipping terms are Free on Board (FOB), port TBA on quotation.

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Particle Diameter: 6mm to 8mm diameter (industrial, domestic and small scale systems)

Particle Length: less than 6 times diameter

Moisture Content: less than 10%

Calorific Value: approximately 4.7kWh/kg

Ash Content: less than 1% (low), less than 3% (standard) or less than 6% (high); to be clearly labeled

Bulk Density: less than 600 kg/m

Sulfur Content: less than 300 ppm