Occupational Health And Safety:

Tycon has a comprehensive management plan. All building sites have an individual manual modified to suit the inherent characteristics of the building project. All site foremen are accredited in OHS and First Aid. All staff, including sub contractors participate in daily safety walks. Members of the Tycon Group have won awards for their safety practices on their sites (Rio Tinto, Leighton Constructions, BGC, Boral, to mention a few…). Tycon develops a working relationship with our Clients in order to maintain a high level of transparency. We also employ external consultants to endorse and audit our procedures.

The Environment:

Tycon is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. We strive to ensure that all our employees and sub-contractors understand their obligations to protect the environment on each construction site, by implementing procedures that ensure the minimisation of waste pollution on site and to avoid exposing themselves and the public to environmental risks. From planning through to construction, our team is trained to look for potential environmental hazards and take the appropriate action should it be necessary.

Industrial And Employee Relations:

Tycon’s industrial relations policy (VIC) is founded on the principals of the Victorian Industry Agreement and Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Planning And Programming:

Tycon works with our Clients to prepare a construction program for each building project. We adopt critical path management (CPM) which analyses the difference between the time frame set for the project and the project duration as calculated from the extent and relationship of each task.